Wilson Earns Cover Cash on Cumberland

Wilson Earns Cover Cash on Cumberland

Barry Wilson filled his pockets with $500 of “Cover Cash” after finishing second at the FLW Tour event on Tennessee’s Lake Cumberland. Even though Wilson finished second overall, he was the highest placing participant in LEER’s “Cover Cash” contingency program, and therefore took home the extra $500 on top of his tournament winnings. 

When Wilson found out he won “Cover Cash” for his finish, he knew exactly where his money was going. 

“I immediately thought, that’s my new grill!” Wilson grinned. “With the weather getting warmer I’ve been thinking more and more about grilling. The grill I have now is 10 years old and I’m in need of an upgrade. I talked it over with “the boss” – my wife – and she agreed we’re going grill shopping with that $500!” 

Wilson, a longtime supporter of LEER products, has owned several LEER caps and believes a truck cap or tonneau cover is something every outdoorsman should seriously consider. 

“My LEER cap truly means the world to me,” Wilson said. “To have a sharp looking truck cap that keeps all my gear safe and dry is crucial. A LEER 100XQ cap gives me more real estate to support my sponsors on my truck, and more importantly it allows me to have a secure storage area in my truck bed. I really don’t think I could travel and fish full time without a truck cap.” 

Wilson has earned several checks through LEER’s “Cover Cash” program the past few years, but the advantages “Cover Cash” offers aren’t only available to Tour level pros. Once you own any model of LEER cap or tonneau cover, “Cover Cash” is FREE to register and pays out to a myriad of different tournament trails.

For a full list of eligible tournaments, or for any more information on the LEER “Cover Cash” program, follow this link to . If you’d rather pick up a phone than type, call (918) 742-6424 and ask for Kendell or Jessica. They’ll be happy to tell you more about the program or help you get registered.