Wes Logan Leads 2018 Forrest Wood Cup on Day Two

(Photo: FLW Fishing)

Wes Logan of Springville, Ala. leads after two days at the 2018 Forrest Wood Cup with 23 pounds, 13 ounces. The fishing got tougher on day two under bright sunny skies. The weights got super tight going into the last day, and it will be a horse race to the finish line in this one in Hot Springs. Every single angler is in this event and any of the top 10 could win on Sunday.

Shallow and deep have both been producing, but nobody seems to be dominating with any one pattern. Schoolers, wolf pack roamers, deep grass fish, deep channel swing fish and just random open water fish have made for peculiar fishing this week.

“I didn’t know where I was going to start today, and I don’t know where I’m going to start tomorrow,” said leader Wes Logan. “I caught a couple early just running down the lake and looking at pockets and deciding something looked good and stopping and fishing. Later in the day, when I would run by some of my deep stuff I would stop and fish it.


I’m fishing shallow on stuff that looks good and deep on a couple places I’ve found that have some fish but they don’t really have any weight. They’re just like 2 pounds. I think my line size has a lot to do with the fish I’m catching. I’m fishing a lot like I did up at St. Clair. I don’t have any fishing history here so I’m just going to run around and fish what looks good. I can’t explain it because I fish one pocket, and catch nothing. Then I see another one right by it so I run in there and catch one. I think this thing will be won by whoever catches a 5-pounder.”

“My third fish came at 3:30 today,” said Nick Lebrun. “I saw it cruising. I got down on my knees and threw a topwater to her and she acted like she had never seen a lure before. I caught my biggest fish around lunch time at a grass hump. Something told me to take my frog off and tie on a Whopper Plopper. I see a fish come up schooling and threw the Plopper out and caught it and boat flipped it. I had two fish on the Plopper today and one on a Producer swimbait.

“I kept my composure today because of my faith in God. You have to keep your faith and believe in the baits and patterns and feel like the Lord will work the rest out in a tournament like this.”

“I’m doing a lot of the same stuff I did here in 2015, but I’m doing better executing on the bites even though I’m not getting as many quality bites as I did last time here,” Zack Birge said. “My schooling fish didn’t school. My areas that had fish that showed themselves yesterday didn’t show today so I had to run all new water and managed to put together 5. I caught 4 on a topwater and one on a shaky head. I saw 15 pounds of bass yesterday. I saw 12 pounds of bass swim by the boat today in one group. It’s tough because it’s been better in the afternoons.”

“It’s a grind to catch weight this week,” Lambert said. “I am catching fish but I had more company in the area today so it made it a lot tougher. I didn’t get as many bites today as yesterday. I’ve got a couple schools of fish but they just don’t have much size to them. I’m catching them on a drop shot.”

“I had 7 bites today,” Brandon Cobb said. “I feel like I can catch a limit tomorrow. There is a lot of bait in the area but the fish I’m seeing around them are small. I threw a buzz bait all day yesterday and caught 4 keepers on it. I threw it most of the day today and only had 2 on it, so I had to change. I’m catching all my fish shallow on some sort of topwater. I caught some on a Yozuri Pencil and Zoom Trick Worm. I love tough tournaments. I fish fast, so I don’t do well in slugfests. The way the lake is fishing, I think anyone in the top 10 could win.”

“You bust em up a lot quicker when you catch them here,” Atkins said. “Today was a little better because I got on fish a little quicker and that calms you down. But I lost another big one today. I’m trying to catch as many as I can off the schools of fish and then hoping to find a big one here and there by bouncing around fishing shallow. Lambert and I are fishing the same places so it will be interesting tomorrow. There are just a couple creek channel swings with some current washing around.”


“I would have loved to weigh that 3 1/2-pound smallmouth I caught today,” said Todd Castledine. “It’s crazy to think I might could have fished or made the top 20 with another 1-pound fish today. I caught them all over. I had a few shallow on topwater. One out deep on spinnerbait today and a few other deep yesterday. I finally started seeing them back up shallow this afternoon. I hadn’t been seeing them the last two days. I think that sun being out helped. I don’t know if it’s just a late in the day thing or if it’s that they are just getting back up there again.”

Top 10 fishing tomorrow are as follows. For full details and day two coverage, check out

1 WES LOGAN 23 - 13 (10)
2 NICK LEBRUN 22 - 11 (8)
3 JAMES NIGGEMEYER 20 - 14 (9)
4 ZACK BIRGE 20 - 6 (10)
5 JASON LAMBERT 20 - 3 (10)
6 JOHN COX 19 - 14 (9)
8 BRANDON COBB 19 - 2 (10)
9 JUSTIN ATKINS 19 - 0 (10)
10 CLENT DAVIS 19 - 0 (10)