Vicious Releases No-Fade Braided Line

Vicious Releases No-Fade Braided Line

We’ve all experienced or heard about the phenomenon of braid turning white after just a few hours of use. Out comes the marker to reduce its visibility and down goes the confidence in the line. Is it bad? Will it break when I set the hook next time? Should I take it all off and turn it around so I can get the most out of the line I paid for? These are questions you shouldn’t have to answer about your braid. And with Vicious No-Fade Braid, the questions are a thing of your past.

Staying true to the brand promise, this line is going to raise the bar for premium braid.  The moss green braid is available from 20-100lb test and features the coveted 8-carrier technology.  This means the braid is going to be thin, smooth, strong and quiet. Plus, the roundness meaning a longer cast and smoother retrieve. But the most shocking attribute – this braid WILL NOT fade even after months of use in the most demanding situations.  


“We had several guys from our pro staff fish this line for 2-3 months. The line was fished in rocks and trees for catfish in Mississippi, with an Alabama rig on KY Lake, frog fishing in Alabama, and catching redfish in Louisiana. Our guy in Texas put over 200 hours on the line at Toledo Bend and Rayburn flipping brush and reeds. We then had them send it back to us to compare to new line. I’m very excited to say that even when comparing them side-by-side, it’s tough to tell which one hasn’t ever seen the water. It’s mind-blowing for anyone that has fished braid and witnessed fading,” exclaimed Greg Meunier, Vicious VP of Sales & Marketing.

Meunier went on to say, “This braid is going to allow a guy to buy a spool and get more for his money in the long run. No more markers, no more taking time to turn the line around, no more worrying about the fade… doesn’t get any more vicious than that! We are committed to being a leader in the industry and this is a strong step in that direction.”

The new braid will be available in late 2016 in both 150 and 300 yard spools. We will also have bulk spools for accounts that pre-order. The MSRP starts at $39.99 for all 150 yard spools up to 100 yards.