Top How to Fish Features in 2012


We just posted our top news stories from 2012 according to traffic to the articles on Monday. Now we’re taking a look back at our most popular how-to-fish and tackle features today. Here are the top 5 features from 2012 on

10 Swimbaits for Castable Umbrella Rigs
Lots of folks had been asking what were some of our favorite soft plastics for fishing with Castable Umbrella Rigs. So we just put together a quick list back in March. There are a lot more now so might be worth revisiting again at some point.


shad-rap-smallmouth-bass-thumb-image.jpgBest Coldwater Crankbait Ever
We love Shad Raps. And so do a lot of bass anglers fishing cold water that are also “in the know.” We had some huge stringers this past spring on the dynamite, tight wobbling finesse crankbaits and picked another avid Shad-Rap-angler’s brain on the nuances of the bait and it’s application.

bass-shaky-braid-thumb-image.jpgWhy Braid Will Make You a Better Finesse Angler
It’s no secret anymore that braid has made finesse fishing more palatable to angler’s who love to power fish. More sensitivity, better casting, better hooksets and more power to fight sizable bass out of deep water or cover. Check out the tips for making braid work for your finesse fishing.

big-bass-shad-pattern-thumb-image.jpgFive for 5 Shallow Crankbait Colors for Every Situation
We give up our five most productive colors for crankbaits that work pretty much everywhere we have bass fished (more than 40 states between us). Some straight forward discussion on keeping crankbait colors manageable.

fluke-thumbnail.jpgFall Fluke Fishing
Flukes are still very overlooked. It seems like their popularity peaked like spinnerbaits and in recent years has fallen out of favor, but it’s a dynamite way to catch bass.