Swindle, Hite and Ehrler Join Ark Fishing International Team

Swindle, Hite and Ehrler Join Ark Fishing International Team

Ark Fishing International’s current pro staff consists of Major League Fishing pro Randall Tharp and BASS Elite Series anglers, Brandon Cobb and Wes Logan. 

“Randall and Brandon have been involved with the company since day one,” said owner Louie Zhang. “They have been a valuable part of this company’s growth and success from the beginning. They also set the bar pretty high for what I expect out of an angler at Team Ark. Wes joined us last year and I couldn’t be happier with his performance. Now, heading into 2020, I am beyond excited to welcome 3 more anglers to my team. Major League Fishing Pros Brent Ehrler and Brett Hite will be fishing with and promoting Ark Tungsten and 2-time BASS Angler of the Year, Gerald Swindle, will be fishing with our rods upon his return to the Elite Series. All 3 of these guys are proven performers on and off the water and I welcome them to Team Ark.”

 This year marks Ark Fishing International’s 4th year in business, and owner Louie Zhang could not be happier about the company’s growth and success. 

“It has been an amazing 3 years and I am excited about our growth. This growth has built a solid foundation and allowed me to expand Ark’s product line outside of just building the best fishing rods,” Zhang said.

Ark Fishing has their own apparel line and is also manufacturing tungsten sinkers. 

“This is just the beginning of my vision for what Ark will be in a few years. There are a lot of exciting things I have been working on that we plan to launch soon. I love to fish as much as anyone but I am more obsessed with building better tools to help with this process. I started building rods because I knew I could do it better. The same thing with the tungsten. I listen to my customers and my pro’s and if I feel I can build a superior product and offer it at an affordable price then I will do it,” Zhang says.

“These have to be the lightest and most sensitive rods I’ve ever fished with,” Swindle said. “They truly will be the backbone of my fishing this year.”