Sebile Crankster


Sebile Lures are different. Very different looking from both a  shape and size perspective and also very different  from other conventional fishing lures on the market. They look different, they run different and they are built different too. In this case, different is a good thing and savvy anglers who know  that are taking advantage of it in a big way.

Anglers who take the first glance at Sebile may think the lure designer was a bit whack.   They are bent, they have wierd lips and many of them have liquid and sparkles in the center. Some rattle, others are subtle, and some spit and walk the dog at the same time. Some have lips, some run nose down and some slide. One thing that they all do is catch fish and many times when other baits won’t get a sniff. Innovation can be very different.
French angler Patrick Sebile is that happy designer and he is anything but whack. Patrick Sebile is an exceptional  lure designer . Yes, many of   Sebile’s creations look like they could have held a position on a late seventies Yes album,  esoteric in design  but extremely far from the  that when it comes to function. Out of passion, experience and years of painstaking study of predator and prey Sebile designs are made to  imitate forage and cause neutral fish to be agressive.
Patrick Sebile has traveled the world fishing. His prey is whatever lives where he is. Tarpon, perch, redfish, marlin or bass, it doesn’t matter. Its all about finding the right shape, the perfect design…the perfect bait.
The magic of Sebile is in throwing and using them. Yea, they are different. No dog in the bunch. From topwaters to cranks they all catch fish.
The first foothold  Sebile got in the American bass market was through the BASS Elite Series. Several high finishes teamed with Todd Faircloths runner-up position in the Angler of the Year Race and Kenyon Hills’ win at Clarks Hill was enough to make the Magic Swimmer a go-to product for every pro. When found at a local tackle store or on the Internet they were quickly scooped up and most of the time it was the cream of the crop pro’s that were buying them.
Every single bait in the Sebile arsenal is designed for a specific purpose. Whether the wobble of the Evidence Series or the liquid and sparkle of the Possession Series Sebile has innovation dialed in.
Our Tests
We recently had the opportunity to test the Sebile P Crankster MR and were thorougly impressed both  with its design and its durability.  We bounced it off fence rows that included barb wire, bridge pilings and rocks and it came back like it was wearing a flack jacket. The BRW color closely mimics a fall shad at 65mm in length. From the side it looks like a flat sided crank but under closer inspection its a plump bait with a narrow tail with great 3D eyes, oversized gills and a face only a mother shad would love. It’s a mean looking cuss and the bill design is unlike any we have seen before. Its square face tapers back to a single point just below the mouth of the bait. The line tie is built in the lip.
We also liked the positioning of the hooks. The oversize Owner trebles sit directly below the back of the eye on the belly of the hook positioned in a weighted internal cradle.  The back hook rides perfectly on the downward taper of the hook. When bass bite they get a boat ride but we found it to be extremely weedless and ran through blowdowns and stumps without hanging up.
Due to the aerodynamic properties of this bait it casts like a bullet both for distance and accuracy. We ran it next to docks and against rip rap and it performed  well there  too glancing off poles and kicking out around rocks.
The Sebile P Crankster MR has a single large ball bearing running in a what we would guess is a 1/2 teaspoon of red cooking oil. The rattle is deep and subtle and the oil gives it a blood red appearance when cranked.
This is one sweet bait. One that will become a big player in our 2009 arsenal for sure.
The Inside Scoop
The Sebile P Crankster MR weighs 5/8 ounce and floats.
It retails for $14.95.
You can learn more about Sebile  by clicking here.