Scott Martin Will Not Fish FLW Pro Circuit in 2020


In a video that has taken many bass fishing fans by surprise, professional angler Scott Martin has just announced that he will not be fishing the FLW Pro Circuit in 2020. According to his YouTube video, he had two options. He could either fish the Bassmaster Opens in hopes of qualifying for the Bassmaster Elite Series or fish the FLW Pro Circuit to qualify for the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour.

He has chosen to fish the Bassmaster Opens instead of the FLW Pro Circuit for 2020 and seemingly beyond, according to his newest video.

"I'm looking at it not just for what's best next year," Martin said. "But what's three years from now? What does my schedule look like three years from now? Based on the BPT or based on the Elite tour if I get into the Elites."


He also noted that he took the money and any payout structures out of the equation. He wanted to make this a family decision based on his heart.

"I decided with my family and at the end of the day, it boils down to what's in my heart," Martin said. "That's how I came up with the decision of where I'm going to fish. I'm treating this decision based on my passion and personal goals in my life.

"I want to win a Bassmaster Open. I want to win a Bassmaster Elite trophy. And I want to win the coveted Bassmaster Classic trophy. My dad [Roland Martin] had so many victories with B.A.S.S. He had 19 first-place victories. My dad had 19 second-place finishes on the Bassmaster tour. But the one title-nine Angler of the Years, too, by the way-the one title that eluded him was the Bassmaster Classic. He wasn't able to win the Bassmaster Classic. He came close. He finished second, he had opportunities but it eluded him. I want to win a Bassmaster Classic for my dad. That is my sole drive right now. I call it unfinished family business."

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