Minn Kota Performance Advantage No 4 | Digital Max

Minn Kota Performance Advantage No 4 | Digital Max
Choosing the right trolling motor can be more than just getting the right brand. Most anglers want plenty of power and the ability to fight current and wind. There is only one choice….Minn Kota. Not only will you have the power but Minn Kota’s Digital Maximizer technology gives  the advantage of longer and more efficient use of batteries.   The Minn Kota trolling motor gives the power to take on any obstacle and the battery efficientcy to run all day at any speed.
Digital Maximizer optimizes the battery draw to extend the life of the batteries and reduce heat, an enemy of batteries and wiring. You can stay on the water 5 times longer as a result. By regulating power that is needed the Digital Maximizer delivers the precise amount of power needed at every speed.
Your motor runs longer and cooler and makes it more efficient.
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