Lucky Tackle Box Offers Videos with Tackle

Lucky Tackle Box Offers Videos with Tackle

When I get my email notification that the latest Lucky Tackle Box has been shipped it is usually followed with a quick trip to the LTB website and then on to the videos on Youtube for me. With LTB you don’t just get a great assortment of tackle you also get supporting educational information and on-the-water training too.

The neat thing about LTB is its ever evolving too. Great companies like Yamamoto, Mustad, Lucas Marine, BIWAA and V&M are providing their latest products for members to try out and enjoy and when they get something new you get a package too.

The new video series with Travis Moran goes in depth with how-to and each month utilizes the baits that are included in the box.

No matter what type of fish you are after the LTB has a box specific to that genre. They have boxes that range in price from $15.00 to $23.95 and include Bass, Bass XL, Panfish, Inshore Saltwater, Trout, Fly, Walleye and Multi-species.