Keith Poche DQed at FLW Pro Circuit on Mississippi River

Not fishing today!

Posted by Keith Poche on Thursday, July 30, 2020

Keith Poche posted earlier today on his facebook page that he would not be fishing because FLW rules prohibit using a boat with a motor under the 150HP minimum. Poche runs an aluminum boat with a 90 HP motor. So after he fished on Day 1, he was made aware that his boat did not meet the minimum qualification and his weight was disqualified for the first day. 

On his Facebook video, he stated that FLW has a rule that you can't run a boat under a certain length and a motor under 150 HP. 

"Every other league I've fished across the nation; I fished my whole career, there's always been a maximum horsepower rating, 250 HP. Never has there been, that I've ever fished, a minimum horsepower. Which I think is absolutely crazy," Poche said in his video. 


"The explanation I got was that a couple years ago or whenever it was, John Cox won an FLW Tournament and used a small boat and motor so they had to put a minimum regulation on there. Which I think is really, really stupid. Somebody, probably that doesn't catch them ever, complained on him and they had to make that rule to satisfy everybody. That's normally how it goes. I had no idea. It's my fault. I should have known the rules. The boat is legal. It's Coast Guard approved.There's nothing wrong with the boat. I can run this boat in any other tournament league."

"That's why I didn't seek out the information from FLW. I just didn't think they would have a minimum horsepower. That's just ridiculous. But it is what it is. It's my fault. So my weight from yesterday didn't count and I'm not fishing today."

You can see the full video above or at Keith Poche's Facebook page.