Introducing Angling Technologies Mapping

Introducing Angling Technologies Mapping
Angling Technologies has developed a unique mapping service. Clearly defined mapping elements are designed to help anglers dissect a lake quicker and more thoroughly all from the comfort of their office or den. You can plan your entire tournament schedule with a few clicks of a mouse.  

Unlike static maps where you get what you get, Angling Technologies service is dynamic. Anglers can choose what they want to see and create any combination of map data that might help them understand the water better.  Currently they  have contours for over 6500 bodies of water nationwide and that number is constantly growing.

You can view contours on a large number of maps over the top of Bing, Google, or USDA imagery.  The choice of imagery is important as imagery is captured at different points in time. Developing the most current is critical.

Anglers can help build personalized maps by adding their own private or public information. Private data can serve as a fishing log. Anglers can take their information with them by exporting waypoints or using the map on their smartphone. You will need a data connection to do that.

Angling Technologies provides a great value too. It’s only $15 a year and anglers get access to any new features or map information added during the year.

To get a better understanding of how it works check out this YouTube Video.
To read more about it and to take a test drive click here.

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