Hydrowave Winners Announced

Hydrowave Winners Announced

Increasing the ability to put more fish in the boat is every anglers goal. Whether it’s a secret bait, a faster boat, or a secret fishing spot all of us are looking for an advantage.

The last several years we hear the pro’s speaking about how important the Hydrowave has been for their fishing. Many believe it’s a game changer. Walleye anglers too are seeing it effectiveness and are using them strategically to add to their creels.

We just completed the Hydrowave Mini Giveaway and two anglers get to get a taste for how the Hydrowave and sound technology works. They each get a portable unit that can be used in their boats, from the shore or even on their docks. We have chosen the winners and they are:

Craig Kloth, Medford, WI

Steve Meiser, Shippenburg, PA

Congrats and your units are on the way