Great Tutorial on Grass Concerns on Kentucky Lake


What happened to the grass at Kentucky Lake? Why isn\u2019t KDFWR trying to re-establish aquatic vegetation in KY lake? \nIf you\u2019re a bass angler, you\u2019ve probably had those questions before. Hopefully this will provide a few answers…<\/p>Posted by Western Kentucky Fisheries<\/a> on Sunday, June 9, 2019<\/blockquote><\/div>","provider_name":"Facebook","provider_url":"https:\/\/","success":true,"type":"video","url":"https:\/\/\/westerndistrictfisheries\/videos\/2308052516135614\/","version":"1.0","width":500}” data-url=””>

Adam Martin, Western Fisheries Biologist with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife continues his series on providing concerned anglers with more information on what happens from a biological standpoint with things like spawns, grass and asian carp on fisheries around Western Kentucky like Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. In this very informative video, he talks about how water levels, clarity, flows, flooding and other factors affect growth rates of grass on Kentucky Lake. And gives some historical data to back up these assertions. 

Check out the video and be sure to follow their Facebook Page as they have been providing a lot of good information on what is happening with the popular bass fishing and crappie fishing lakes in Kentucky.