Get Hitched with Hitch Series Bait Keepers

Get Hitched with Hitch Series Bait Keepers

Most anglers like fishing with plastics. But some drawbacks can be that the baits get wore out quickly and pull off of hooks and keepers after catching a couple fish. One product we’ve found that seems to add some life to plastics and keep them looking good on jigs, vibrating jigs, swimbaits, etc.

The uniquely bent wire keepers are called the Hitch Series Trailer Hitch. The wire has a circle shape that has two l-bent arms that stab into each side of a trailer. The circle can be opened by squeezing them together and then put them around the lead collar of different jigs, spinnerbaits, and more.

We like to rig hollow and split belly swimbaits nose hooked on weighted hooks. As you can see here with this Berkley Split Belly Swimbait and Northland Weighted Weedless Hook, we’ve been using the Hitch Series to make sure fish don’t snatch our swimbaits off the hook.

The Hitch Series also offers another keeper called the Bait Hitch to hold your plastic grubs on jig heads. They also told us this week that they are working on a texas rig keeper too and sent us some of the prototypes to test.

hitch.jpgBut we’re sold on the Trailer keepers. This great idea is easily installed on most jigs, vibrating jigs, and spinnerbaits and can also double as a good swimbait keeper.

To order visit The five-pack is $2.99 and the 20-pack is $9.99. Pretty cool little terminal tackle that we figured anglers might want to know about.