Fishermen Protesting Spraying on Okeechobee


Stephanie Susskind WPTV is live at Lake Okeechobee with a group of fishermen protesting FWC\u2019s aquatic spraying: http:\/\/\/2XizJQO<\/p>Posted by WPTV<\/a> on Friday, November 15, 2019<\/blockquote><\/div>","provider_name":"Facebook","provider_url":"https:\/\/","success":true,"type":"video","url":"https:\/\/\/WPTV5\/videos\/567178594035493\/","version":"1.0","width":500}” data-url=””>

WPTV in Florida shared some of the protests going on around Okeechobee related to the Florida Wildlife Commission spraying herbicides to kill aquatic vegetation. Fishermen on the lake contend that Okeechobee has seen a severe decline in recent years and that the spraying is not only having a detrimental effect on the fishing on the lake, but also in recent algae blooms and all of it is hurting the tourism economy around what was once one the most popular bass fishing destinations in the world. 

Jason Blair and other concerned anglers organized protests to bring more state and national attention to what is going on down in Florida. 

You can read more about what is going on down there at

You can see the FWC’s spraying schedule in the state here.

Mike Knepper released a recent video of his observations after the spraying on Okeechobee here: