Fish Finders on the Front Deck


David Walker talks about how he uses a fish finder on the front deck and how he likes to set it up to be useful at a glance while focusing on fishing up front on his bass boat. To see more about the graph he’s talking about, click here.

Video Transcript:  For me I like to use a large unit up front there, I use an HDS 10 which is you know they make a 12 now but the 10 flush mounts up front. The reason I like the bigger graph here than I have in the back is my proximity to the unit.   When I’m sitting down the unit is basically right in my face so close to it. This one here I’m standing up looking at the unit, and so I can run it on split screen but still see everything really well because it is that much bigger of a unit. That’s why I prefer the larger one up front than I do in the back. The way that it’s flush mounted now this year has really been great because the units not in the way so to speak and it doesn’t get kicked, it doesn’t get hit with the rod, it doesn’t take the abuse that it did before standing up on its own now with it being flush mounted like that. I can see everything and I keep one side on the sonar and the other side on the mapping. I can look at it and get all the information that I need right there just by quickly looking down. It’s amazing how much, how much you get used to looking down and seeing even though you can tell how deep you are and you’re just fishing a bank. But you just become so accustomed to looking down and getting that information the depth, water temp, the time, where you’re at on the map, any waypoints coming up. So it’s really great to have all of that information really quick right there at a glance.