F-Sonic and Korrigan SR Offer New Spins on Staple

F-Sonic and Korrigan SR Offer New Spins on Staple

New hardbaits from Japanese lure maker DEPS

Deps offers unique baits that are extremely popular in Japan and gaining popularity stateside. The have several new products that have peaked our interest recently. Of course their big wake bait the Buzzjet made a splash a few years ago.

Now the stylish bait maker is hoping to make a new wave with two new takes on common fishing lures. Their new F-Sonic is a new twist on vibrating rattlebaits. Normally the category is called lipless crankbaits but the new spin is that the nose of the lipless bait acts as a scoop to get the bait deeper quicker and keep it there. The bait is pretty large at 4-inches and weighing 1 ounce. It sort of glides as it descends through the water.

Deps Korrigan SG

The other bait they are going to be offering this fall is a small shallow-water crankbait called the Korrigan SR. The bait runs from 1-3 feet but that’s not what is unique. It has a crazy erratic wide wobble because of a uniquely shaped horizontal lip. The other interesting aspect is that it sort of scoots and glides as it deflects off of cover. Rather than rolling up on one side and tracking crazy, the bait actually loses it’s wobble for a second and scoots with an upright posture, almost more naturally, and then begins wobbling again.

We’re anxious to fish both baits but so far we like what we see. The components are top notch. The hook hangers are precise and seem to actually affect how the bait runs in the water. So far we’ve tested the baits in the tank. The bass will be the ultimate judge on how well they perform. But it seems like they will be a lot of fun to play with any way.