Anglers Knock Motor Off and Into Bass Boat

The Sweet 16 wasn’t so sweet for Ty & Jason Moorhead. Notice the cut on the console between the seats...that was from...

Posted by Outlaw Outdoors on Sunday, January 5, 2020

When Texas anglers Ty and Jason Moorhead set out on Sam Rayburn this past weekend, they surely weren't expecting something like this to happen. According to a post from Outlaw Outdoors, the two anglers knocked their outboard motor off and into their boat. You can clearly see the tears and rips in the seats from the spinning prop. Luckily, neither angler was hurt and because the driver was leaning forward when this happened, he narrowly escaped serious injury.

Local anglers say the two anglers know Sam Rayburn very well and it was truly a freak accident. Reports are that the tough-to-navigate lake was quite choppy during the day, which obstructed their view of a stump they knew was there. Any experienced boater will attest to the fact that it only takes an inch or two in the wrong direction for a disaster to happen; especially on stump and tree-ridden lakes like Sam Rayburn. 

We're glad these guys are okay and as we say all the time, wear your PFD and kill switch. It can save your life.