5 Fishing Utility Applications for the iPhone

5 Fishing Utility Applications for the iPhone

I’m a technical junkie. I like to keep up with all sorts of technology from computers to depth finders to phones. We at Wired2Fish are also iPhone users as anglers. We keep up with thousands of contacts, mail on the road, weather, tournament updates and more. So as you can imagine we get flooded with requests to review fishing applications. We’ve adopted several applications, well at least I have in my fishing. Here is a quick run down of what apps I have on my iPhone related to fishing.

Boat Ramps

I live on Kentucky Lake. But I also fish Dale Hollow, Lake Guntersville, Pickwick Lake, Lake Dardanelle, Table Rock Lake and other fisheries often. It’s nice to plan my trips based one what section of the lake I want to fish and then find a good ramp nearby. This application allows me to do that. I can search by my current location, zip code, or city. Then once I see the nearby ramps, I can pick one and get information about the ramp and directions to the ramp utilizing the iphones maps application. Very handy for the travelling angler.

Navionics US & Canada Maps

This was released earlier this year. It’s much more user friendly to the iphone owner and angler. Before you download your Navionics EAST, WEST, NORTH or SOUTH Regions and these apps were ernormous. Now you just download this small program then just the maps you need with a simple box control of an area. So if I’m going to Arkansas. I highlight that section of Arkansas, and it downloads the maps in that region for me. Keeps the application sizable and manageable.

But the application is full of awesome features. I can plug the waypoints from my units into the application manually and take them with me say in a fishing buddies boat. I can set new waypoints which works well because there is a zoom feature that makes sure you put the waypoint on the exact key spot on their very detailed map. I can measure distance between spots, search for certain wapoints, track and update my GPS location and much more. This is a required application for any serious angler with an iPhone.

North American Fishing Club’s Knot Wars

I’m a knot nerd. There is no nice way to say it. But I’m proud that I know my knots, and I like learning new knots. This app keeps knots close to my hip when I need a new knot for a new application I might be testing on the water. It shows you not only how to tie the knot but also how it compares to other knots. Video demonstrations are invaluable to the novice angler.


WFN Fishing Log

I use two trip log applications. I know, I know. That doesn’t make much sense. But sometimes I just want to make a quick note of how many fish I caught and where. This app is great for that. I can store photos, track trips, create map snapshots, log my tackle, and more. It’s a great starter application for logging fishing trips and catches.

Jimmy Houston’s FishNotes

The FishNotes application is a bit more robust of a logging application. You can log more information about your catch like water depth, temperature, clarity, barometric pressure and much more. You can log a lot of details about your tackle, your patterns, make notes. But the best part is you can then sync this information online with your account. You can even share your information with the GoFishn community if you desire. You can download your photos and videos out of the application if you wish.

It’s very detailed. It captures a lot of weather information. And can be a great tool to use to keep up with your fishing from season to season and year to year. It’s a bit slow to capture information in a hurry on the water. It’s somewhat easier to do it when you can sit down and type it all out later when you get home.

I use a lot of past weather data online and make sure I capture as much data as possible, then record it in the application. Then I can remember if I caught those fish somewhere flipping in 60 degree water or 65 degree water, on a sunny day or overcast, etc.