Ned Rig Tips

Project Z: Breaking Down the Bite, Episode 3


The third video in the Breaking Down the Bite web series from Z-Man follows pro Stephen Browning as he deals with notoriously tough fishing conditions: a calm, clear day with nary a breath of wind.  After several fruitless hours using conventional power fishing techniques, Browning turns to Midwest finesse tactics—aka the ‘Ned Rig’—by pairing a buoyant Hula StickZâ„¢ soft bait with the Finesse ShroomZâ„¢ Weedless jighead to garner a solid bite from locked down largemouth.  

The video details Browning’s choice of tackle, retrieve, hookset, and fighting technique to school anglers on the finer points of the increasingly popular ultra-finesse technique of ned rigging.