Zoom Super Fluke Giveaway


Springtime shallow water fishing always includes a Zoom Super Fluke for us. It is so lifelike in the water with its darting and jumping that fish in pre-spawn and spawn cannot resist it. It is a stealth fighter for most fished by itself, but now more and more are using it pre-spawn on a double fluke rig (here's a couple videos on the double fluke rig - How to Rig the Double Fluke Rig and The Double Fluke Rig | What it Looks Like Underwater). 

We talked to Zoom's Eddie Wortham and asked him to give us a selection of his 5 best sellers for our latest giveaway and he included White Pearl, Albino, Arkansas Shiner, White Ice and Green Pumpkin Magic in that group. 

Spring is happening south and it won't be long for the rest of the country too. It's a good time to stock up on the Zoom Super Fluke


For this giveaway, we will be giving each winner two packages of each color just in time to whack em'.

This giveaway ends February 26th, 2019. 5 winners. Good luck!

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