Hale Lures and Stanley Jigs Tackle Giveaway


Some companies stick to their knitting and others dynamically change but the best ones do a little of both. There is still room in fishing for tried and true but the evolution of tried and true keeps companies leading the way. One such company that has been around fishing for decades and today is ramping things up with new ideas and products is Hale Lures and Stanley Jigs

Know for building high quality products they now have an arsenal or great standbys and new fish catching products and we want to show some of both to our readers in the Hale Lures/Stanley Jig Tackle Giveaway. 

Each winner will receive:


1 - Stanley Ribbit Double-Take Frog Hooks 2 pk.

1 - Stanley Poppn' Toad

1 - Stanley Top Toad

1 - Stanley Ribbit Frog

1 - Awesome Twin Spin Jig

1 - Stanley Original Vibra Shaft

1 - Stanley Vibra Wedge Extreme


1 - Stanley Code Red Vibra Wedge

1 - Stanley Ball Buster

1 - Hale Da Bug

1 - Hale Goby

1 - Hale Mud Puppy

1 - Stanley Hand Tied Punch Skirt

1 - Stanley Big Nasty Jig

1 - Stanley Lil Nasty

1 - Swim Max Jig

1 - Wedge Head Weights ½ oz. 3 Count

1 - Original Stanley Casting Jig

This giveaway ends January 22nd, 2019. 5 winners. Good luck!

You may enter once per day per email address.

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