Zoom Frog Giveaway Winners

Zoom Baits just introduced a new 4 inch frog and it has all the best properties the best anglers look for. It kicks like a beast with flexible legs and larger feet, floats exceptionally well even in heavy slop and grass. It also has more bulk to be cast further and more accurately. More action, tougher and more fish per frog is the result. It also comes in the all the best fish catching Zoom colors of black, white. sexy shad, zebra green, baby duck, and natural brown. 

For our next giveaway we are going to give 5 winners a chance to own a package of each of the colors. They come 3 in a package so that is 18 frogs in 6 different colors. 

These frogs are red hot and just in time for the some of the best frog fishing times of the season.

Congratulations to the winners, your baits are on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2Fish guys. 

Reggie Holland – Abilene, Texas

Douglas Grammer – Tylertown, Miss.

Michael Moore – Antioch, Calif.

Kelly Brunette – Green Bay, Wis.

Beverly Justice – Shelby, N.C.

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