Popticals Pop-Out Sunglasses Giveaway Winners

If you are like us, sunglasses are hard to keep from getting scratched. Seems like they are always in the wrong place at the right time largely due to the fact they don’t store well when not in use. Popticals has helped eliminate that with a unique design that packs small and compact. They also come with a custom hard case that fits into storage compartments and even your tackle box. 

The beauty of Popticals is much deeper than storage however as they use nylon lenses crafted by lens gurus Carl Zeiss Vision. Super clear nylon lens rival glass but are much lighter and their clarity allows for better sight into the water and eliminates glare. Their polarization is state of the art and anglers like Scott Suggs and Skylar Hamilton report less eye strain as a result. 

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2Fish guys. 

John Rusinko – Swan Lake, N.Y.

Bob Butler – Streamwood, Ill.

Garry Thomas – Acworth, Ga.

Joseph Pontius – Crystal, Minn.

Kenneth Grigsby – Corpus Christi, Texas

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