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Jenko Fishing Giveaway Winners

There is a new kid on the block and that new kid has some killer new products that are catching on across the country in a big way. Jenko Fishing recently introduced a family of new products that includes swimbaits, both hard bodied and soft bodies, deep diving crankbaits, and unique lead heads for soft body swimbaits.

The Jenkolistic Swimbait is a 7 inch jointed bait that has 4 joints, a scintillating swimming action and can be run sub-surface or fished deep on ledges.

The Jenko CD25 crankbait that can reach depths of 25 feet or more and its balance and weight allows it to be cast a country mile. VMC hooks compliment both the Jenkolistic and CD25. The color patterns combine flash and forage apprearances for more bites too.

The Big Wig Hair Jig has a minnow style head and combines hair, feathers and mylar strands for a lifelike image stroked deeps or swam shallow on points and drops.

The Long Shaft custom heads work perfect on the wide bodied Booty Shaker soft swimmer and combines an oversized hook as well as a dual wire keeper to keep it postioned on the hook.

The Booty Shaker is a hand poured baitfish imitator that kicks hard on the pull and on the fall too. A fish attractor is added to the pour to make fish hold on and the UV enhanced color schemes mimic baitfish all over the country.

Jenko Fishing will be adding more new products along the way too.

Congratulations to the winners, your baits are on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2Fish guys. 

Ryan Pereiras – Derby, Conn. 

Heather Schultz – North Huntingdon, Penn.

Colby Poston – Atoka, Tenn.

Clinton Naef – Wisconsin, Wisc.

David Held – Alliance, Ohio