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Flambeau Waterproof Satchel Giveaway Winners

Flambeau Outdoors continues to build storage boxes and tackle organization gear that not only is functional but also keeps what is in them dry and secure and rust free.

They recently introduced a brand new series of Waterproof Satchels perfect for storing all kinds of gear and tackle. They have a 360 degree waterproof gasket and holds two Ultimate Tuff Tainers inside a bottom cage that are also included and are built to withstand just about any condition. Traveling anglers will love them.

The Flambeau Waterproof Satchels have a clear polycarbonite lid that can double as a work surface to change hooks or dye your favorite soft plastic. The interchangable dividers are fused with Zerust to keep everything inside from rusting. They are perfect for bass anglers, bank and recreational fisherman on the go, kayakers and canoers too. The satchel handles make it easy to tote around and they are perfect for co-anglers wanting to have what they need but limit their tackle too. They have two removable swivel trays that are perfect for terminal tackle and hooks too. They also float!

Eric Sheley – Fort Collins, Colo.

Robin Weatherington – San Jose, Calif.

Keith Nice – Bethel Park, Penn.

Roy Gruss – Missoula, Mont.

Steve Edwards – Mukwonago, Wis.