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Eagle Claw Trokar Giveaway Winners

Every angler that we know wants to catch every fish that bites. It comes down to the two lowest denominators, line and hooks. The hook is every bit as important as the rod, the reel, and the technique and it is the business end of being able to put more fish in the boat.

Eagle Claw Trokar listened to their pros and has developed some of the finest technique specific hooks in the marketplace and they continue to add new models each year. Their hooks have a unique three-sided cutting point, are surgically sharpened, and a precisely designed keeper location and barb designed for better penetration and holding power.

For our latest giveaway we are going to give you a selection of lazer sharp hooks including Swimbait, TK170, Treble, TK300, HD Worm, TK100, Flippin, TK130, Weedless Wacky, TK97W, and Magworm, TK125, for all kinds of techniques and fishing conditions.

Bradley Gardner – Zebulon, Ga. 

Kenneth Little – Burdine, Ky.

Abbie Munson – Lakewood, Wash.

Charlotte Osborn – San Antonio, Texas

Dennis Miner – Wayland, Mich.