Giveaway Winners

Buck Knives Splizzors Winners

Buck Knives Splizzors Winners

We’ve been using the Buck Knives Splizzors for several months at Wired2Fish and take it from us—they’re a killer boat tool for avid anglers. They’ll cut all types and diameters of fishing line with ease, crimp wires and weights, unhook deeply hooked fish, open bottles and much more.

We even talked to a professional angler who dropped his pair into the lake and immediately purchased another set before the next tournament day. Proof that once you use them, it’s hard to go back.

Fortunately, Buck Knives wanted to spread the love and give four readers an opportunity to experience the convenience of this unique fishing tool!

Congratulations to the winners and as always—keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways. Thanks for being Wired2Fish!

Dorothy Normand – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brian Dube – Lewiston, Maine
Robert McDonald – Cottontown, Tenn.
Chris Breese – Richmond, Ind.