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Blackfish5 Supplement Giveaway Winners

Long days spent fishing can take a toll on the body. Staying hydrated, fueled and dealing with repetitive motion injuries are often part of being a successful competitive angler. But it can also be important for long days on the water for any recreational angler. Studies have shown that a full day of fishing and running and gunning on the lake can burn more than 5,000 calories. What you eat and supplement with can help reduce recovery time and alleviate some of the issues with repetitive motions as well as general aches and pains around fishing.

Blackfish5 has built a line of supplements for outdoors athletes including the elite branches of the special forces teams of our military. We have been taking the Blackfish5 Kratos Max for energy and appetite control, the Blackfish5 Motion5 for joint repair and recovery and the Blackfish5 ReboundX2 for recovery and rebuilding of damaged and depleted muscles from taxing days on the water.

Elite Series pros Gary Klein and Mark Davis have been using the products for quite a while to help maintain while having long stints on the road, fishing and battling the elements over a grueling professional tournament season.

Blackfish5 is giving 5 anglers a chance to win a month supply of their Kratos Max and Motion5 products for longer and healthier days on the water. But all Wired2fish anglers can sample both these products for just the cost of shipping with the limited special offer at

Read more about Blackfish5 products at Blackfish5.

Congratulations to the winners, your supplements are on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more giveaways from the Wired2Fish guys.

Ryan Wodka – Baltimore, Md. 

John Clement – Bismarck, Ark. 

Dennis Miner – Wayland, Mich. 

John Schweickert – Toledo, Ohio

Shawn Wheeler – Apopka, Fla.