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Bagley Balsa B Bonanza Winners

Bagley Balsa B Bonanza Winners

Bagley Baits have won tournaments for decades. Jim Bagley knew what it took to build the right shapes, the right bill angles and the right colors and have fun doing it. too. That reputation lives on with the new Bagley ownership. Pride in their history, pride in their products and moving forward, cutting new ground is their mantra. Bagley Baits is back with a vengeance.

Congratulations to the winners of a selection of Bagley Balsa B’s. A Balsa B1, 2 Balsa B2’s and a Balsa B3. A full arsenal for the entire water column!

Steve Santini – Yucaipa, Calif.

Stephen Smith – Vonore, Tenn. 

Matt Wegner – Bloomington, Ill.

Jackie Ross – Columbus, Ohio

Scott Dise – York, Penn. 

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