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Why and How to Use Light Wire Hooks

Pro bass angler Jeff Kriet faces tough bites everywhere he competes and stresses the importance of pairing light wire hooks and line for finesse applications. This allows presentations like the Neko rig, drop shot rig and wacky rig to deliver the bait in the most natural way while the light wire hooks increase your hookup ratio.

What about straightening light hooks and breaking line? This isn’t a problem when you match hook size and line size. Typical finesse line in the 6 to 10-pound range will break before straightening hooks. The problems arise with hard hook sets, which break light line. Instead of a heavy hook set, just reel into the fish and lean; light wire hooks penetrate easily with minimal stress on the line and stay pinned in the fish. Your reel drag system and rod take over, tiring the fish and minimizing hook and line failure.