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6 Tips for Boat Flipping Bass Like a Pro

Boat flipping bass is a landing method that uses fish momentum and the rod to swiftly swing bass into the boat instead of hand landing or using a net. Most enthusiast anglers agree that it's a more effective way to get bass in the boat over the other methods so long as your tactic and technique support it. Seth Feider instructs how to execute a successful boat flip starting with fish size and tackle assessment. Generally speaking, he favors the use of casting gear and larger single hook presentations (e.g., Texas rig or jig) to safety clear fish over the rail/gunnel. While you can boat flip fish hooked with treble and smaller hooks, Feider advises doing so only after assessing how the hooks are positioned. Mechanics round out the bulk of this content, with primary emphasis on using momentum along with the proper rod angle to avoid tearing out hooks or breaking rods.