Ultrex Versus Windy Offshore Bass Fishing Conditions

A lot of people have asked us about the advantages of the new Ultrex trolling motor and it’s electric steer assist and Spot Lock features for fishing for bass on ledges and off the bank, especially in windy conditions. A lot of anglers have questioned if the technologies actually help so we wanted to show them in action in less than favorable conditions of wind and current while trying to fish for bass deeper than 20 feet.

We waited until last month when the fishing got tougher and the weather got rougher and filmed with Terry Bolton in 20 mph+ winds on Kentucky Lake to show how the Ultrex handled this situation and how much pressure it took off of the angler, especially in terms of boat control and not drifting off a school while landing hooked bass. Several good bass caught while the Ultrex runs the boat for the angler. 


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