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Racing and Fishing in North Carolina

Racing and Fishing in North Carolina

Today we got to meet a huge fan of fishing and oh by the way he’s pretty talented behind the wheel of a race car. Martin Truex Jr took time out of his schedule to meet Michael Iaconelli on the race track at Charlotte Motor Speedway to give him some lessons on driving a race car.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate so they didn’t get to race Martin’s race car. But as a backup plan they took some laps up to 130 mph in the Toyota Camry Hybrid Pace Car at CMS. Terry and Jason both got to ride along with Ike and Truex driving and talking fishing and growing up in New Jersey.

The similarities between the two are scary. They both love to push things to the limit. They’re both die-hard Phillies fans. They’re both eat up with fishing and the outdoors. And the both probably let their temper get the best of them at times when they are passionate about something.

Consider us with a new found appreciation with Truex and his Toyota Racing team.

Stay tuned, we got some great video and photos today and we’re heading to Lake Norman to see if Ike can find Truex five keeper largemouths.