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Week 17 Fishing Questions Answered

Week 17 Fishing Questions Answered

Week 17’s questions were pulled from the message boards and readers of Wired2fish and Jason Sealock shares his best answers to each question. We’re answering questions every day in our forums, so if you have a fishing technique, tackle or other question you want answered, post it in our forums and other anglers (including the Wired2fish staff) will give their best answers to help you with your fishing.

Here are three questions we answered this week:

What are the Best Baits for Bass During the Prespawn?

The prespawn often makes bass ripe for the pickings. They are moving up out of deep haunts as the water warms up. They are feeding more often getting fattened up before coming shallow to build nests. They fall for a lot of presentations because they are aggressive feeders. I really like baits that offer a forage profile like a shad or minnow. Jerkbaits and swimbaits are two of my favorites for clearer waters while spinnerbaits and shallow flat-side balsa baits or square billed crankbaits are may favorite for dirtier waters. And the lipless crankbait can be dynamite for that “in-between water,” clear water and dirty water all combined. 

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When things get tough, what is your go-to finesse style?

I love a Senko on a weighted hooked. Gary Yamamoto actually turned me onto it a few years ago and I’m a sucker for it now, quite frankly, because everyone throws weightless Senkos and shaky heads now. So this is just a bit different. It has a quivering and spiraling fall, it will sink a bit faster and have a more aggressive quiver. It can be a great target presentation and you can drag it or pop it along and it will dart and quiver. It’s deadly effective pulled over grass or skipped under dock walkways. A good trick if you’ve never tried. I use these Senkos and these Owner weighted hooks if you want to use Gary Yamamoto’s exact setup. 

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What rod action and length is best for swim jigs?

Length somewhat depends on how you will fish it and your height. But I really like a 7-foot, 2-inch or 7-foot, 3-inch medium-heavy rod with a tip that has some action. I will skip it, roll cast it under willows or around bushes and of course swim it over grass. So I want a rod that is not too long so that it doesn’t become unwieldy when making precise quite casts in shallow water. I like a lot of backbone but a quick tip so I can lay it in there soft, wind it fast and hook fish and move them out of cover quick. 

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