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Week 16 Wired2fish Fishing FAQ

Week 16 Wired2fish Fishing FAQ

We thought we’d share some of the questions and answers that have been circulating lately in our forum discussions for others to see and come join in and ask your fishing questions to get them answered by the experts at Wired2fish and other great anglers from around the country. We’ll also have guest professional anglers answer your questions from time to time in our premium member forum as well. 

Here are a few fishing questions and responses for this week. If you haven’t checked out our forums, signup is free to see all the open forums at the bottom of the join page

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LMSfish35 Asks: I’ve heard a myriad of opinions on these black spots big bass will sometimes get. I’m pretty sure it’s just a variation in the pigmentation of the bass, but I’m not real sure. Anyone know the exact reason behind the spots? Sign of healthy lake? Sign of an unhealthy lake?

Jason’s Answer: I always heard it was a hormonal thing as we most often see it here around the spawn. I actually looked it up one time and most biologists refer to it as Melanosis as Melanin is the dark pigment in fish’s skin. There is nothing related to water quality or anything like that.

Here are two reports from the Pennsylvania DNR and Missouri DNR.

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JBeck93 Asks: I live on Lake Martin here in Alabama. For a few years now, I’ve been wanting to start moving out deeper. One thing I’ve noticed is most of the people I see offshore are using huge electronics; that’s something I do not have access to. I do have decent electronics but nothing big. Where should I start? Just for bait info, the shad are between 2-3 inches mostly, so lure ideas are welcome.

Jason’s Answer: We found lots of good deep water spots with sonar before the day’s of GPS with the use of paper maps. Maps are still very important whether they are digital or paper. My first suggestion is to get a clear understanding of how the current flows on that lake. Then look for those spots that have a point or a high spot that sticks out into that current face and mark it on your map as a place to try. 

Your best bet will to start fishing these areas in the post spawn when they begin grouping up after the spawn. A football jig, a big worm and a deep diving crankbait can be great lures to start with depending on the the rods and reels you have. There are lots of great resources for fishing ledges and fishing deep on Wired2fish here. 

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TrophyFishR asks: I never use a topwater bait during the spawn, but I’ve noticed a lot of guys having good success. What baits do you all like for these niche situations (I fish both muddy water and clear water)?

Jason’s Answer: Around the spawn, a frog and big Pop-R are my staples. A prop bait has grown more popular but I think that’s more of a post spawn killer these days. The ol’ Smithwick Devil’s Horse is a secret around here and a staple on Florida strains. A buzzbait can be pretty terrific too.

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