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Megabass Releasing New S-Crank at Classic

Megabass Releasing New S-Crank at Classic

Megabass will be showcasing their new STW project and the first of baits from this series the S-Crank and S-Crank Jr. The STW Project stands for Support To Win. The program is designed to craft custom tournament equipment for specific needs of the US National Megabass Pro Team. They are placing their top designers at the disposal of Luke Clausen, Edwin Evers, Chris Zaldain and Randy Blaukat for the sole purpose of getting the Megabass anglers closer to their goal of winning tournaments.

The S-Crank 1.5 will retail for $19.99 and dive to about 5 feet. It’s 2.5 inches long and weighs a 1/2 ounce. But the real beauty of the crankbait is its wandering S-pattern. It wobbles like an ordinary square bill crankbait, but it’s tracking path is wider and more like a slalom ski course. It even maintains its action at high speeds and won’t blow out or head for the surface. The wandering action gives it a wider appeal to bass as it looks like a prey doing anything to escape a bass, especially at high speeds.

The S-Crank Jr. 1.2 will retail for $18.99 and will feature the same great action in a smaller profile bait with a running depth just shy of 4 feet.

You can see the color patterns available here and see the video of the baits hunting action in the water.

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