Lew’s Offers BFL Incentive Program for 2015

Lew’s announced the launch of its new Speed Fishing Awards Incentive Program for anglers competing in any 2015 FLW Bass Fishing League (BFL) divisional tournament events.

The membership-based brand loyalty program is designed to benefit participating anglers who either win or are the highest Speed Fishing Awards member finisher in the “Top 20” of any of the 120 BFL divisional events held across the country.

To be eligible for the program’s cash and product prizes, anglers must own and have registered both a Lew’s rod and reel manufactured since 2010, be a current member of the Lew’s incentive program and comply with participation rules that include displaying a Lew’s logo on tournament wear and boat. The cost to join is $29.95 per calendar year, with 2015 being the first for the program. Membership includes a Lew’s cap and decals.

The program’s top award per BFL event for a win is $250 cash or a $500 Lew’s gift certificate. The certificate is for exchange for Lew’s products in that amount directly from the company.

If a Speed Fishing Awards member does not win, the highest eligible finisher placing in the event’s top 20 has a choice of either $125 cash or a $250 Lew’s product gift certificate.

At the conclusion of all BFL division events, and prior to the All-American Championship, the Speed Fishing Awards member who has accumulated the most points for his/her division among all program participants will be named the Lew’s Speed Fishing Awards Angler of the Year and presented a $1,000 gift certificate to exchange for Lew’s products of equal value.

“FLW’s BFL has been one of the country’s most prominent grassroots tournament fishing programs for a long time,” said Lew’s CEO Lynn Reeves. “These are serious anglers and include some of the country’s very best fishermen in each region. We appreciate their participation in bass fishing and hope our new incentive program helps them along the way.”

For online sign-up of the Lew’s Speed Fishing Awards Incentive Program, visit Lews.com and click on “Angler Resources,” then “Rewards Program.” The web site information also includes a full description of program rules and a frequently asked questions section.

The FLW Walmart Bass Fishing League consists of 24 divisions and five tournaments per division. For more information on the BFL, including tournament dates and venues, visit FLWOutdoors.com.

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