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Davis Signs Mister Twister as Title Sponsor

Davis Signs Mister Twister as Title Sponsor

“Utilizing the experience and dedication of Clent will go a long way to helping Mister Twister® live up to its promise,” said Kurt Mazurek, Mister Twister® Communications Director. “Plus, Clent’s style of fishing is a perfect match for us. This guy really knows how to catch bass on soft plastic baits.”

A couple of Davis’ favorite Mister Twister baits include the The Flip’n OUT and the brand new Magnum SinSation.

“Those two have become go-to baits for me on tournament days,” Davis said. “That Magnum SinSation works whether you’re flippin’ heavy cover in six-inches of water or dragging it on a football jig off channel ledges 20-feet deep. The Flip’n OUT is hard to beat for punching mats. The little Twister Curly Tails on the sides really set it apart from other baits in that category. I’m also really excited about a new lure I’ve been working on with Mister Twister, that will be out in early Spring 2015. I can’t wait to show everyone. It’s going to be big.”

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