Fishing Tips

4 Swimbait Rigging Styles That Work Everywhere

Jacob Wheeler relies on small to mid-sized paddle tail swimbaits to catch bass throughout the country. These extremely realistic baits are subtle, yet easy for bass to detect (strong vibrations) making them well-suited for clear and dirty water alike. Wheeler shares his top 4 rigging methods that allow paddle tail swimbaits to be fished through a variety of cover types and depths.

The Storm Largo Shad is Wheeler’s top choice in this bait category due to its seductive action and extreme durability. In addition to saving money, durability also reduces rigging time, equating to more casts made as well as expanding suitable applications. Jacob walks us through conventional jig head and weedless Texas rigging then expands on how he rigs the Largo Shad on the back of spinnerbaits and swim jigs. Some slight scissor modifications allow the bait to be custom fit to spinnerbaits and jigs of varying hook sizes and styles — important for increasing bites and reducing short strikes at the same time.