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Deep Diving Crankbait Deflections | What it Looks Like Underwater

Most experienced crankbait bass fisherman will tell you that making bottom contact is essential to success with crankbaits MOST of the time. It turns baitfish imitating crankbaits into erratic bottom-dwelling critters than bass can't resist. In this "What it Looks Like," we grind the bill of this Jenko CD25 Deep Diving Crankbait ( into a lake bottom littered with rocks and laydown trees. The bait's steady built-in cadence becomes erratic and irregular, with the bait flushing, pausing and emitting different sounds as it combs the bottom. Few baits trigger reaction strikes like a cranbait being fish in this manner. FEATURED BAIT: -Jenko Fishing CD25 Deep Diving Crankbait: