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DUO Realis G87 Crankbait Catching BIG BASS

We reviewed the DUO Realis G87 crankbait a while back. It's a unique deep diving crankbait intended for more bass fishing applications than just the standard chunk and wind on open water areas for offshore bass. The dive angles and swimming action as well as the increased casting distance all factored into make a unique deep diving crankbait.

In this video from DUO, Jason Kincanon, noted trophy bass hunter and FLW Tour angler, talks about why he uses the bait so much for hunting big fish on deep points, standing timber and other applications that might seem a bit out of the norm for a deep diving crankbait. There are some great big bass catches in this video and some cool fishing footage worth checking out. Kincanon finished 13th in the points of his rookie season on the FLW Tour and credits the G87 for helping him along the way.

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