Fishing Knots

How to Tie the Uni Snell Knot



The Snell knot has been around for ever for presenting live bait, tying leaders to hooks for other rigs and more. But it gained popularity in bass fishing about a decade ago when anglers discovered how effective it was when a hook is snelled and pegged against a bullet weight. for punching into heavy cover. It can cause the hook to kick at an angle and give you more hooking exposure in the thick stuff.

To Tie:

  1. Hold the hook shank so that the hook point is facing up.
  2. You want to pass the lined down into the eyelet from the same side that the hook point is on. This is what causes the kick out.
  3. Run the line down along the shank and then curl it back around so that you have a loop like a uni knot.
  4. Run your wraps inside the loop around the shank and your parallel line, down the shank.


If the hook has a keeper you have to do it in a small area above the keeper. It’s important to manage your wraps as you go. Try to get at least 5 wraps in if you can. When you get to the bottom of your wraps. You will have to readjust your hold on the knot so that you can pull the mainline to tighten the knot and work your wraps together evenly with no crossing.

The key to this knot is entering the tag end into the eyelet the right direction and not overlapping your wraps and keep them in order. It will take you a little bit to learn to pinch the top loop and wrap the tag end inside the loop. Then adjust and hold your wraps as you pull the main line to tighten it.

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