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How to Tie the Uni Slip Knot



A very overlooked and powerful knot in bass fishing. The Uni Slip is a staple knot among saltwater anglers. This is the knot of preference for several professional anglers who think the palomar knot has too many shortcomings.

To Tie:

Start by 1) passing the line through the eye then running it parallel to the main line and then looping back down to the eye again so that you created a loop. Now, 2) wrap the tag end upward inside of the loop you created 5-7 times. Then, 3) pull the tag end tight to snug the knot on the line a little.

Then pull both the tag end and mainline together and then pull the mainline alone to work the knot down to the eyelet. Again, wet your line and then finally pull hard on the mainline and the lure or hook to really snug the knot down. Trim your tag and go.


The Uni knot is very versatile. It can be modified to join two lines together, double to make it twice as strong and even used with the shank of a hook to snell a knot onto a flipping hook.


Aaron Martens ties different Uni Knots

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