Fall Fishing

Catching Fall Smallmouth Bass Down South

We got out and fished on Saturday. Unfortunately, Kentucky Lake is apparently the only lake that you can have a fall championship, regional or classic on it seems as every pocket, point, bay and creek was covered up with boats. So we moved out to some main lake flats and fished out there just to get away from the crowds. As luck would have it we boated two nice smallmouths. One on a topwater and one on a crankbait. We had the camera ready the second time when the fish hit a crankbait near the boat.
Hope you all are catching some fish this fall. We’re working on shooting more full-length videos on fishing with tips, fish catching action and more so stay tuned to Wired2Fish.
This was our first time using the EGO S2 Slider Net. Very cool net. It took me a minute to figure out how I could open it one handed. But necessity it seems always provides solutions