Trusty Cable Tool Review

I run two Lowrance graphs on my boat. The new Lowrance HDS 12 Touch and an HDS 8 on the front deck with Ram Mounts. I remove my graphs every time I use them because I park my boat in my driveway. It’s not that I don’t trust folks, but why take the chance and I like to baby and really care for things that are expensive so they will hopefully last longer.

But I will tell you, while Lowrance cables are made to stay tight and be waterproof during operation, they are no fun to put on and take off for a guy who battles with arthritis in his hands constantly. When they are cold and sore, I sometimes can’t get the plugs in all the way.

In comes the Trusty Cable Tool. I got my hands on the original model and then recently got the dual ended model that not only removes LSS cables but also smaller Ethernet cables. This thing makes putting on and taking off big graphs easy. It’s a simple piece of cylindrical manufactured plastic that slides over the cable and on to the connector and gives you a smoother grip on them to twist the cables on and off effortlessly. I keep it in my glove compartment and it’s been a life saver on these cold winter mornings.

The original model works on the standard Lowrance power cables connectors and retails for $11.99. The new dual model works on both the power cables and Ethernet cable connectors and retails for $14.99. You can get both for $19.99 during their holiday sale.  If you take your units on and off, that’s definitely a great tool to have. Check them out at


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