Favorite Fish Finder Screen Shots of 2014

Bridge Under the River Kwai

Yup that’s a guard rail showing up on that fully intact bridge.


Pile’s Full

Found this incredibly full brush pile that had a bunch of crappie on it while fishing with a friend in Mississippi.


Brush pile and standing pallets

Pallets are a handy form of manmade cover that hold crappie, bluegill, bass and bait.


Guess What Day It Is?!?

This is a special screenshot because these fish helped me catch my first 30-pound limit on Kentucky Lake.


Brushy Ditches

Found two nice brush piles off the side of some ditches


Massive Cover

A bunch of stuff here. Brush, fish, baitfish, rocks. It looks cool but not really something I would fish much.


Fun School of Largemouth

This school however I fished a bunch. And it was fun ripping on them for an hour.



Not sure what this is. Looks part man made and part big rock pile. Might be a blown up bridge.


Another fun hump

A small school on a hump but it had some good fish in it.


Crazy Fish Turn

I believe these were smaller asian carp.


Wavy Brush Pile

Trying to hold on a small brush pile in the wind and boat wake sometimes makes for a cool shot!


Crazy Bait

Lots of big baitfish moving around as I pass over them


Sunken Barge

Found this earlier this year on Kentucky Lake. Pretty neat you can see guard rails, mast, etc.

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