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25% Off Strike King Pro-Model 6XD Hard Knock Crankbait

Incorporating Strike King’s hard knock technology into their industry-leading 6XD shape and size, the Strike King 6XD Hard Knock Crankbait provides anglers with a new deep thumping sound from a single hard knocker. Designed to attack those big ledge fish in the 18-20ft range, its unique curvature and streamlined body dives quickly to maximum depth, setting it apart from other deep diving crankbaits. Regarded by legendary bass fishing professionals Kevin Van Dam and Mark Rose as their go-to crankbait for all around the country, the 6XD has just the right wobble and erratic action to trigger aggressive bites deep in the water column. Well balanced even in windy conditions, the Strike King 6XD Hard Knock Crankbait casts like a bullet and has a super-steep dive angle so the bait stays in the strike zone longer with incredible deflection capabilities.

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