Crappie Fishing

How to Catch Hot Summer Crappie Everytime


In the dog days of summer, fishing starts to become less enjoyable for a lot of anglers. The fish are recovering from the pressures of spring and early summer and they are lethargic due to hotter water temperatures and usually an onslaught of angling pressure. With crappie many anglers only fish from November to about April for crappie and then give it up when the temperatures climb and the fish spread out after the spawn.

Thanks to a friend who also happens to be one heck of a stick with a crappie rod in his hand, I have been chasing crappie all summer and loving my time chasing them early in the morning. He gave me some real general tips that turned out to be gold nuggets of information on catching summer crappies. The results have been a lot more fresh fish fries for the family this summer. So here are 6 tips I learned for catching more crappie during the hotter summer months.