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Crappie Fishing: Spider Rigging Beginner’s Tips

Crappie Fishing: Spider Rigging Beginner’s Tips

Professional crappie angler Tim Blackley takes the intimidation out of spider rig fishing with this beginner’s video. He starts by emphasizing that 2-3 rods are all you need to get started rather than a 12-rod spread; learn to manage a few, then add more.

Tackle is simple, with 3 rigs at the core. Blackley recommends the tried-and-true double minnow rig, but experiments with leader lengths, the addition of plastics and jigs as well as weight. Rods in the 12-16 foot range are typical for spider rigging – they allow you to spread out your rigs which allows you to cover more water and minimize fouling. Start with 12-foot rod when you’re learning the system, as they’re much easier to handle.

Apply the tips and you’ll be up and running with this highly effective crappie fishing system.

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